Dam at Lake of the Ozarks to receive $52-million structural upgrades

Bagnell Dam, the hydroelectric dam that created Lake of the Ozarks from the Osage River, will receive structural upgrades starting this spring, Ameren Missouri announced Tuesday.

The structure will be outfitted with 68 new anchors to hold it into the bedrock, while new concrete will also be added to the downstream side of dam, including an overlay to replace “worn and cracked concrete” on its eastern and western sections.

“Adding more than 66 million pounds of new concrete along with the new anchors pulls the dam down towards bedrock, which is what holds back the incredible force and pressure of nearly 100 feet of water,” said Warren Witt, the utility’s director of hydro operations, in a news release. “Combining these new anchors and additional concrete achieves the best result in the most cost-effective way possible.”

The $52-million construction project will begin in March and is expected to last 18 months. Witt said construction would be scheduled for weekdays, in consideration of lake residents.

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